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Armed with determination and a dream reminiscent of many Florida pioneers, the Shook family started development of our unique wines in 1991. Realizing the importance of striving for exceptional quality, our Florida winery opened its doors in September of 1997 – only after the secrets of making exceptional wine from fruit other than grapes had been discovered. Producing Florida’s only ultra-premium tropical, citrus and berry wines, this FL wine distributor and authentic Florida Farm Winery is proud to say that our tropical, berry and citrus wines are the only Florida wines allowed to display the Florida Department of Citrus’ official mark of superior quality – the Florida Sunshine Tree. They are also the only Florida wine ever allowed at Disney’s Epcot International Food and Wine Festival held each year beginning in October.

We are licensed as wine manufacturers, wine distributors, and as retailers of unique, culturally significant Florida fine wine and premium wine products. We currently produce 43 different varieties of wine. All of our premium specialty tropical, berry and citrus wines are made 100% from the juice indicated on the label. These are not fusion or blended grape wines, but 100% pure tropical fruit wines. It can take upwards of nine pounds of fruit to give us enough juice for just one bottle of our Mango Mamma, mango wine, Orange Sunshine wine, Grapefruit wine or Tangerine wine. Using a special process of fermentation, aging and bottling we produce Florida’s only true to the flavor wines. Each individual variety of our wine tastes like the juice that it is made from. So, if you like mangoes, you will love our mango wine! If you like red raspberries, you will love our Raspberry Reef wine. If you…well, you get the idea.

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As Pinellas County’s first and only tropical, berry and citrus winery we were also the subject of an article in the St. Petersburg Times newspaper. Food critic Mr. Chris Sherman gave the winery and its products glowing reviews and stated that he wanted to “share the news of the breakthrough in fruit wine quality.”


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